We've had many accolades in the past, both from parents and students.
Here's a collection of some of those quotes.

"We love the experience our son has gotten from Magic Camp. He’s gone 4 out of the last 5 summers, and enjoyed it each time. Each night he comes home with a trick or two to show us. The performance on the last day is great fun for the kids and parents. We’re sending him back again in hopes he’ll learn how to restore the dollar bill that disappeared after his trick the first year."

- Bill Smith and Pam Perkins
"Magic camp is fun because you learn some great magic tricks, you can keep the instruction manual and supplies so you can practice yourself after the end of camp!! At the end of camp you put on a performance for parents, grandparents and any other relative. Another fun thing is that at the end of the week there is a raffle, I've never won but it's still fun!!!"

- Alex (returning camp student)